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If You Were My Valentine !!

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  • If you were my valentine
    I'd search the endless skies
    to find the perfect starlight
    that would compliment your eyes
    and keep it in a wishing well
    created just for you
    and filled with my desires
    to make all your dreams come true

    if you were my valentine
    I'd find the softest rose
    to gently brush against
    those sweetest lips, the angels chose
    my heart is like a flower
    craving for your morning kiss
    mere words cannot pay homage
    to a passion such as this
    if you were my valentine

    I'd treasure every day
    the arms that open to me
    and the tender words you say
    I can't imagine dreaming
    of another soul so sweet
    for, if your were my valentine
    my life would be complete...