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Reason for why i say you always I LOVE YOU MY LOVE

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    As soon as i get up and find myself in your deep eyes,
    It drives me crazy,wanna watch them all time,

    Wrapping up your arms around me,
    makes me feel secure and protected. 

    Your smile covers an innocents,
    Which makes me to forget all my pain.

    Your presence  beside me ,when ever i feel down,
    Drives me  a way to stay with you without any worry,

    Your love makes me to feel so special,
    Adds smile,joy, happiness to my life.

    The way you care about me ,the way you add strength to me,
    Makes me feel lucky to have you in my small life .

    All this lovely moments of my life,is  blessed by you.
    So i just wanna say you from all my heart...
    Be the way as you are and i promise to yours ..
    This is reason i say you always