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My scribblings/Identify yourself/Best Article My Hobbies

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  • Hello friends,

    You might be thinking what this post is all about and the Photo which does not mean any thing.Actually I'm sharing this which is an free hand design which i do when ever i find my self  confused... i scribble a lot when ever I'm angry and finally when i look back to those pages i find it interesting an art which shows my mood , a poem  which showcase my emotions of love,joy and sorrow, a quotes  which is my experience of life.

    Just wanna say you  that every one of you are creative ,poetic ,artistic and expressive. just you need to identify with in you.

    My scribble made me what I'm today, i guess if scribbling  is this then i love to scribble more an more and explore my self better.

    Some of my latest scribble on quotes are

    • Missing someone gets easier everyday because even though you are one day further from the last time you saw them, you are one day closer to the next time you will
    • Scribbling is my passion of expressing  different emotions of life.
    • Life is a student where you learn at every step you take to move forward .
    • Smile is a curve drawn on your face by your loved one.
    • Never showcase your emotions to those who never care about them, because who cares about you never let you to express them.
    • Life is a art of black n white expression  where you need to splash colors with true and loving companion.
    • My words are my best friend.