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Love is you/Best New poem on love 2015

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  • Here sharing with all a small piece of emotions that what i feel for an love that is undying ,sacrificing and the  price of it in our life...

    Love is patient, kind and piece of mind,
    Love is always there regardless if we care,
    Love walks the path sometimes all alone,
    It carries us it backs.

    Love suffer long as we reach to find our way
    Love listen well to all the words we say
    It’s always there at the end of our day
    Though we may not always recognize it.
    Love smile with open arms and welcome us back,
    Yeah,love never sleeps nor it die,
    Love set us free and break away the chains,
    Love brings out emotions out of us.

    Love conquers all, love wins the day
    Love stand the test of time , learning to accept
    Coming to believe it’s always there for you
    The greatest thing about love- it’s always there for you.

     Love is soul , finding myself in you , Love is YOU